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CHARLES TRAUB: PHOTOGRAPHER: HD: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

Chapters 01 and 02: Charles Traub (American, b. 1945), is a Photographer first, Professor, Chairperson at School of Visual Arts, Masters of Fine Arts, Photography, Video and Related Media.

Professor Traub discusses his life, career, and the fascinating world of photography. He expounds on what motivates his students to do truly impressive, significant, and meaningful work, with a sense of depth and vision.

He produces a mix of intelligent mind, profound wisdom, artistic direction, impressive humor, and marked wit. Charles is a world class image-maker, a fantastic educator, an exceptional mentor, a great source of inspiration, and an innovator of art photography.

Words and thoughts from David Rapoport about the making of this film (Monday, April 28, 2014, 5:35 PM):

I am just one of his students.

Charles Traub is my best teacher. I think about him while I am doing my projects. For the most part, he has made me who I am, when it pertains to my visual artworks, and music. He has given me sensibility. He has given me intelligence. He has given me confidence. I am very proud and happy to say this.

This video is very personal to me. I feel that I am connected to it, and lend to it, a creative mind.

I produce the conventional, but then, I step out of it into something else. This is where I take the chance, and the results are something different than what I started with. I am not sure if I like what comes out, or not. Then, I make adjustments to the work again.

Every project is artwork, as is viewed from that perspective. It is serious, but it is also not serious.

The work has become an overall view, not as much of a detailed view. Also, it has become much more of an overall sensibility or feeling, as opposed to word to word, picture to picture, or sound to sound (as a feeling).

The moving image, and sound are like imprints, stamps, or things that identify the artist who has created them. They are his or her personality. One must develop the viewpoint with intelligence, intuition, creativity, and skill. Viewpoint is much harder to do than style.

Prof. Traub has taught me to try again and again. He taught me to improve and improve. I work on something more and more, until there is nothing left to do with a project, and no more improvements can be made. This has become my work process. I have learned this from the photo master: Charles Traub.

Interview, video, and music, by David Rapoport (American, b. 1960). /// © 2014 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


EXPERIENCE_OF_THE_IMAGE_HD: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

05:28. Artist talks (Video Book): EXPERIENCE of the IMAGE: Fine Art Project: Black and white photographs taken in Greenwich Village, West Village, and Soho, during the 1980's, and 90ís.

Total freedom is: 1) emotional independence, 2) clarity of mind, 3) present moment, 4) no dependency, without 5) grasping to the known. In this practice, there is: 1) contentment, 2) happiness, 3) fulfillment, and 4) stability.

This experience is about existing, co-existing, art, culture, Bohemia, inspired minds, intellectualism, happiness, freedom, non-violence, non-obsession, imagination, the possibilities, and belief in a higher power.

© 2013 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


BEYOND_THE_PICTURE_HD: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

06:14. BEYOND_THE_PICTURE: HD: A different kind of documentary (narrative, photo-essay, poetry): Photos taken in the street.

Artist talks (slideshow): BEYOND (what is known about) THE PICTURE: is collection of photography (and art) about: the actual 2-dimensional image/artwork (or the result), person, experience of all of it, and longing for what is beyond.

Why are the objects or subjects in a photograph much more important than the pictures themselves? It is about the difference between the physical subject, and the image object or subject (the persons in the photo). I explore the psychology, science, (visual and mental) patterns, the spirituality, and the knowledge of the works that I create.

Going beyond the picture, is stepping out of the known, and planned, to go into some new, spontaneous, and unknown place. This longing becomes the true fulfillment.

© 2013 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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